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Waldorf Curriculum

Most mornings we teach a 'Live Education' Waldorf ‘Main Lesson’ which involves a spoken story, artwork, practical work and often writing, and revolves around a theme suitable for the child’s age. Themes include Norse Mythology, Native American Creation Stories, Famous Scientists, Farming and House Building.

The themes integrate subjects such as science, maths, drama, English, art, handwork, history, and geography in a topic-based approach. To read more about Live Education


Montessori Materials


We use Montessori materials to support children’s learning, especially in maths, which is very hands-on. Materials include Golden Beads, Multiplication and Division Boards,
Puzzle Maps, Botany Puzzles, Word Boxes and much more.


One of our staff holds a Montessori Teaching Diploma and all other staff are trained in this area.

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Enquiry Time

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'Enquiry Time' is the moment in the week where we put all academic learning down and together explore topics such as relationships, mind, body, life and nature.

It can take the form of blindfold walks, group talks and time in nature alone or together; sometimes a topic or theme shows itself during the week and we explore that together!

It a time where student and teacher labels are put aside and we explore life as humans first.

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International Curriculum


We use robust and engaging resources to support core subjects such as Maths and Literacy. Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar are used for all year groups and we use 'White Rose Maths' to challenge children's reasoning and problem solving skills. These programmes are based on the UK curriculum and enable students to transfer to international programmes once they reach secondary level.

Sports, Movement and Health

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Every week we spend an afternoon playing team games and sports such as football, tennis, basketball or world dance.

Also, throughout the week we explore body, emotion and mind movement in the form of:
- Yoga
- Body Awareness
- Animal Inspired motion

- Dance Forms

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