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A different kind of education. 

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Our philosophy

We are a community of parents and teachers supporting homeschool children to experience a richer education. Here at Waterfall Valley Education, our primary focus is to educate the whole human being; creating a space free from comparison and judgement whilst welcoming the value of mistakes so the student can explore themselves and our curriculum freely. We recognise that the students health, intellectual and spiritual integration is as important as the academic areas. Insights and methods from Waldorf and Montessori education as well as Inquiry based learning (IBL) inform our curriculum and general student/teacher approach. Children also have ample time and space to follow their own path in a democratic method during the Woolfe Forest School days.


At its core, we endeavour to allow the students to flower into whole human beings, inwardly and outwardly. We find all our projects compliment and support each other in a balanced and harmonious way.

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Waterfall Valley Education is nested in the hills of central Portugal. Walking into the valley, you are greeted by native trees, rolling hills and bustling wildlife; the best classroom! On its way down to the schools, the river creates the marvellous waterfalls dotted around the land. Throughout the valley and beyond, you will find our different spaces; get in contact through our admissions page and come and say hello!

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The Valley

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Parent Testimonials


Laura Marjolin

"The teachers have the talent to really connect with the children and build a special bond with them. River Flower Project goes beyond and organises a lot of different activities outside school as well and having wonderful collaborations with additional initiatives of motivated people who have the mission to teach the children life."


Jayne & Julian

"Our son has changed and matured into himself here in under a year with a new found passion and confidence for learning. We highly value what is offered here with personal experience of living and exploring other projects all over Portugal for the past 10 years. What is available here is truly golden and unique!"


"The project is extraordinary, this is down to Naomi, Gary and all the incredible teachers and mentors the project has attracted as it has been allowed to evolve naturally over the years. Like nature it will not fit in a box and therefore I don't have the words to properly describe just how extraordinary it is"


Our Location

If you would like to visit, explore our admissions and contact pages to find out more!


Supporting our project

Support in the form of skills, time or finance are vital to our school project. The teachers, families and others support the project financially as well as with their time and skills. Any form of support is massively helpful as a small school and community and is greatly appreciated! If you would like to talk to us about volunteering or supporting, get in touch through our email. From the Waterfall Valley Community, thankyou.

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